About Us

Creativity, professionalism, and artisanal expertise: these are the ingredients of the exclusive recipe of Sofaform, the leading Italian company in the field of transformable sofas, bed closets, and upholstered furniture.

A prominent example of Made in Italy, it is ready to continue exploring new international markets, in line with its DNA, and strengthened by the experience of stores and corners already established in various countries.

The product catalog currently boasts more than fifty models ranging from more traditional lines to the most innovative and contemporary, all ready to enter the homes of customers to combine aesthetics and design with the indispensable space-saving needs dictated by the 'Sofa beds' line and the 'Bed closets' line.

There are various sizes and coverings for every need, from luxurious leathers to durable fabrics with special properties such as 'aqua clean' or hypoallergenic microfiber, to the finest cottons, linens, and even to wool or natural velvet.

Also, custom-made models: from six-seater sofas, which become double beds, to the single armchair, compact and versatile.

And all of them, in a few minutes, can transform into fully-functional beds, comfortable and sturdy, suitable for daily rest.

Then, with a gesture, they return to being sofas, true kings of relaxation spaces for all ages.

Movements that are executed without the need to even lift the cushions, the original design is in fact based on a key intuition that foresees a daily use of the sofa with a dual identity.

Sofaform products are detailed and can adapt to the requests, even aesthetic, of customers thanks to an almost tailor-made modulation.

Great importance is given to comfort, whatever the current use, so here is the possibility to choose between various HR and Memory Foam mattresses with different densities and heights, which, combined with slatted wooden or welded mesh bases, create that personal concept of comfort.

This is complemented by cutting-edge mechanics for engineering that make Sofaform products long-lasting pieces of furniture, with warranties for some models even reaching 10 years.